Have you ever consumed marijuana (be it medical or recreational) and wondered what contributes to the way it smells and tastes? Or perhaps you’ve wondered why one variant of marijuana has citrus tones, while another smells like you’ve run over a skunk on the road? This is due to aromatic oils secreted in the same glands that produce cannabinoids known as ‘Terpenes’.

Terpenes are organic compounds that provide flavor and aroma in marijuana and a variety of other plants. Terpene as an organic compound is responsible for the smell and taste of cannabis, and influences its effects by interacting with cannabinoids. If you’d like to know more about terpenes click here.

Are Terpenes Bad for Human Consumption?

Why do people take marijuana in the first place? Most people use marijuana as a typical choice to improve their quality of life whether it be through stress relief, social connection or medicinal use. We’ve discussed the benefits of weed, shatter, and other extracts before and we get a lot of questions as to whether we should be concerned about marijuana affecting our health.

But are there health consequences to the terpenes that exist in today’s marijuana?

The short answer is that there is still limited evidence on this due to the lack of tests on this particular subject matter; this is partly due to cannabis being still illegal on a federal level (in the US), making it a little bit difficult for researchers to study it extensively.

However, existing research on terpenes showed the association between certain terpenes in plants and their different biological reactions. Other types of terpenes have specific physical and mental effects they exhibit. The certain physical effects terpenes can provide are as follows:

  • Pain relief
  • Assistance with muscle spasms
  • Antifungal properties
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

Nevertheless, terpenes may be able to help with the mental effect of specific problems such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Depression

Terpenes derived botanically are safely used for vaping, topical use and even cooking. Nevertheless, terpenes are okay for human consumption.

Are terpenes bad for you?

Can Terpenes Get You High?

No amount of terpenes and/or terpenoids can get you high regardless of the source, even if they are from cannabis. However, you may get dizzy if you continuously breathe in terpenes in their concentrated form.

While terpenes are proven not to get you high on their own, some research demonstrates that terpenes may work with other forms of chemical compounds present in cannabis indirectly to increase or decrease the effectiveness of cannabinoids.

Top Terpene Brands in Canada

  • CannTerp Terpenes: This brand offers a terpene product which is also known as Bubba Kush. This terpene product comes with a natural, earthy and floral scent. It provides feelings of relaxation. It also helps unwind the mind and release stress. This brand is 100% natural, organic, steam distilled and has no additives. It is used for the production of food, oils and concentrates.
  • Delta Aromatherapy: This brand is one of the top terpene brands in Canada. Having done significant research, Delta has developed means to make an exact copy of each strain. The taste and smell of each product are identical to the specified strain. Their most popular terpene product, Delta 9, comes with 100% purity and has a specific strain. It is organic and super potent.
  • Sundial: This is a Cannabis brand based in Calgary, Alberta that offers a modern, natural alternative to other brands in the industry. Their clean design puts them in the category of aesthetically driven terpene brands.

Top 3 Terpene Brands on Amazon

  • Kind Terpenes: Kind Terpenes is one of the top terpenes out there. They deal in strain-specific terpene supplies. At Kind Terpenes, their products are natural, preservative-free and fashioned from incredibly high-quality terpene isolates. Their products include; Super Grape OG Kush, Madarin Cookies, MAC, zkittlez, Very Cherry OG, Trainwreck, and Limade. Kind Terpene kit contains 5 of Amazon’s top sellers in 1ml containers of strain-specific terpenes. The item weight is 6 ounces while their samples include; Pineapple Express, Gelato, Tangie, Diablo OG and Lemon Haze.
  • Fogg Terpenes: This is a terpene brand based in Rowley, Massachusetts. They offer terpene-enhanced products to help improve the flavor and effects of herbal extracts. Item weight is 3.2 ounces, while the product dimension set as 1 x 1 x 2.5 inches.
  • Medical Terpenes: Medical Terpenes is one of the leading terpene brands for years of research in perfecting strain specific terpene profiles. This terpene brand uses branded terpenes of over one hundred. Their premium terpene products are top quality, with their best-selling collection of earthy scents, foggy floral bouquets, and many more; which immerse you into an herbal and luxurious experience. Their sample packs currently on Amazon are; Juicy fruity terpenes pack, all-day combo pack, all night combo pack, and assorted super terpenes.
Are terpenes bad for you?

Terpenes can definitely add to the consumer experience when it comes to the consumption of cannabis products.  The smell and taste is a relevant component to how some marijuana can be branded and marketed.  Nonetheless, we want to hear your opinion on whether you think terpenes are important when it comes to growing, extracting or consuming weed products?

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