Is Cannabis Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco?

For so many years, cannabis has been on the bad side of governments and groups wanting to outright ban this substance. However, as more research is being conducted on the possible effects of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, it has become clear that in fact, cannabis is 114 times safer! This debate about tobacco and alcohol […]

6 Best Organic hydroponic nutrients for cannabis

Aside from creating optimal conditions, the most important things for the development of cannabis are nutrients. Like all other plants, cannabis gets nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other substances from the soil.  However, not all growth methods are the same. This is especially true for hydroponics systems, where you have to rely on various supplements to […]

How does medical cannabis help with epilepsy?

Cannabis and Epilepsy (1)

The general public in the US is very interested in cannabis’ medical potential. There are a lot of ongoing studies analyzing its potential benefits and drawbacks. Among others, researchers believe that the plant can assist people struggling with epilepsy. In this article, we will talk about how medical cannabis helps epilepsy and whether you should […]

Best Foliar feed tips for Cannabis

Hydroponics cannabis growers have two methods of nurturing their plants. They can utilize organic substances or non-organic substances. Like any other species, cannabis utilizes these nutrients through the vascular system located in its roots.  Another rarely mentioned method is foliar feeding. A lot of growers tend to overlook this process, but there are some major […]

What is the best soil for cannabis seedlings?

Choosing the best soil for cannabis seedlings can be a tall task for people with limited experience. Although the plant can grow almost anywhere, you always want to create optimal conditions and maximize yields. You can choose between pre-fertilized soils, cannabis-specific, universal substrates, etc. Each has its advantages and flaws, and it is hard to […]

How many states have recreational cannabis?

In the last few years, there has been a global trend of cannabis legalization. A lot of countries are interested in medical hemp, but there are also a few of them that wish to decriminalize recreational marijuana. The substance was illegal in the US for the longest time. In 1970, the country introduced the Controlled […]

How Long Before Cannabis Leaves the System?

Cannabis, also known as marijuana (among other names) is one of the most common drugs used worldwide. Nowadays, in a lot of countries and some states in America, cannabis is being prescribed to manage various medical conditions.  However, the big question here is, how long does the effects of marijuana or cannabis last? Or how […]

Best Plant food for Cannabis

Although cannabis has unique, intriguing properties, it is the same as any other plant. The species grows better in optimal conditions, with a specific amount of water and sunlight.  For the plant to thrive and develop properly, it will need several nutrients. Although you can get these substances from things such as wood ashes and […]

Is Aurora Cannabis stock worth it?

Aurora Cannabis is a reputable Canadian cannabis manufacturer. They are listed on Nasdaq and Toronto Stock Exchange. The company operates in 25 countries, has 8 manufacturing facilities and 5 sales licenses.  Since its inception in 2006, Aurora Cannabis has experienced steady growth. Like many other successful marijuana and hemp enterprises, the business has taken advantage […]

Are Terpenes Bad for You?

Are terpenes bad for you?

Have you ever consumed marijuana (be it medical or recreational) and wondered what contributes to the way it smells and tastes? Or perhaps you’ve wondered why one variant of marijuana has citrus tones, while another smells like you’ve run over a skunk on the road? This is due to aromatic oils secreted in the same […]