Aside from creating optimal conditions, the most important things for the development of cannabis are nutrients. Like all other plants, cannabis gets nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other substances from the soil. 

However, not all growth methods are the same. This is especially true for hydroponics systems, where you have to rely on various supplements to feed your plants. In this article, we review some of the best organic hydroponic nutrients for cannabis.

What is the difference between hydroponics systems and soil?

Nutrients that we use for hydroponics are completely different from those we use for soil. If you put fertilizers with solids in a hydroponic system, it will clog the drainage. 

Microbes are crucial for feeding cannabis with nutrients. They dissolve organic compounds like worm casting and guano into chemicals that your plants can utilize for photosynthesis. Unfortunately, as microbes cannot live within the hydroponic system, you need to feed plants directly. 

There are also some differences in composition. For example, soil additives usually have a high concentration of phosphorus with reduced levels of nitrogen. They mostly rely on organic compounds to provide the benefits.

Best plant food for cannabis

Which nutrients does cannabis need?

Cannabis mineral requirements will vary based on the phase of development. The plant has different needs during the flowering and the vegetative state. Anyway, it relies heavily on nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, a combination of nutrients we refer to as NPK. Although cannabis utilizes other compounds as well, its vitality mostly depends on these three. 

During the vegetative phase, the plant will need lots of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. In some cases, you can slightly reduce phosphorus levels and feed the plants with a medium quantity of the substance. On the other hand, it will require high potassium and phosphorus levels with low nitrogen levels during the flowering phase. 

Besides these nutrients, the plants will also need iron, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, boron, manganese, cobalt, copper, zinc, and molybdenum. 

Humboldts Secret nutrients for growing cannabis

6 Best organic hydroponic nutrients for cannabis

Here is our list of the best hydroponics additives:

  1. General Hydroponics FloraGro, FloraMicro, and FloraBloom

The best thing about this product line is that you get 3 bottles, each for a certain stage of cannabis development. General Hydroponics is amazing for new growers who don’t know which nutrients to use. 

You will need to use FloraMicro as the basis. During the vegetative phase, you will add FloraBloom and, lastly, FloraGro during the flowering stage. Each substance is very concentrated, so it will remain within the soil for some time. The price for the set ranges from $28 to $86.

  1. House & Garden DWC Kit Lineup

This set of substances provides amazing results regardless of the strain you’re growing. It consists of Roots Excelurator, Aqua Flakes A, Aqua Flakes B, and Algen Extract. 

House & Garden company is situated just outside of Amsterdam, and they have great research facilities. All of the nutrients are made in-house and are a product of the team’s enormous agricultural experience. The whole set will cost you just a bit below $100. 

  1. Botanicare KIND Hydro Lineup

Botanicare has a reputation for working closely with its consumers. They are open to criticism and suggestions and have a great support team that helps all new growers.

Botanicare KIND consists of Grow, Bloom, and Base. Like other products on our list, each of the chemicals is used during the different developmental stages. If you buy these three, you won’t need additional supplements as they are meant to fulfill all of the cannabis’ nutritional needs. 

The set is not very expensive and can help growers maximize yields. The base consists only of calcium and nitrogen, while Groom and Bloom have everything possible. Bloom has an NPK ratio of 0:6:6, and Grow has 2:2:4 NPK.

The price of a container ranges from $30 to $400. When you buy Botanicare Kind, you get each chemical separately. The total cost can shoot up pretty quickly. 

  1. General Hydroponics MaxiGro and MaxiBloom Dry Nutrients

As probably the best company within the industry, it makes sense to include two sets of General Hydroponics products. 

The great thing about MaxiGro and MaxiBloom is that they come in the form of powder. This is a cheaper version of nutrients that is perfect for a hydroponics setup. MaxiGro is utilized for seedlings and clones. On the other hand, we use MaxiBloom during the flowering stage. 

Another great feature of powdered supplements is that you can easily transport them. You won’t make spillage or stains, making them ideal for larger growers. Depending on the size of the packaging, the set costs from $15 to $80. 

  1. FoxFarm Big Bloom, Grow Big & Tiger Bloom Liquid Fertilizer Nutrient Trio

FoxFarm chemicals have a plethora of nutrients that will ensure the proper growth of your cannabis. Whether you have a hydroponic setup or you’re using pots, these products can work well nevertheless.  

When you buy the set, you get Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom. You should use Big Bloom as the basis throughout all developmental stages. Grow Big is utilized during the vegetative phase allowing proper growth of leaves. 

Lastly, we also have Tiger Bloom. As the implies, the chemical should provide the biggest boost of them all. It is crucial for the development of buds, and the company vouches for it. You can get these products for $39.

  1. Humboldt’s Secret Base A & B Bundle

Humboldt’s Secret set includes Base A and Base B. They also sell Golden Tree chemicals that possess all the nutrients that cannot be found in the first two. All of these substances are great for hydroponics setups. Besides cannabis, you can utilize Humboldt’s Secret for other plants.

The main advantage of the product is that it’s really easy to use. A lot of newbies use it as it’s much simpler than 3-part sets. Base A and Base B have all the necessary nutrients, so you won’t need additional supplements once you apply these two. The price of the set is $36.

Each one of these products should do a good job for your cannabis plants. Just make sure to read the label before applying them! 

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