Although cannabis has unique, intriguing properties, it is the same as any other plant. The species grows better in optimal conditions, with a specific amount of water and sunlight. 

For the plant to thrive and develop properly, it will need several nutrients. Although you can get these substances from things such as wood ashes and compost, most growers prefer utilizing specialized cannabis products. 

In this article, we will review the best plant food for cannabis and compare their features.

What is the importance of fertilizer?

While you can utilize every part of the plant, cannabis growers always focus on buds. They are full of cannabinoid chemicals that carry psychoactive but also healing properties. By using the right fertilizer, you can ensure that plants have healthy buds.

Fertilizers are also important as they affect their quality. Healthy, strong plants have much better-tasting buds. So, if you’re growing cannabis commercially, this will make it easier to have a good harvest and predict profits.

Best plant food for cannabis

Which nutrients do you need for cannabis? 

Cannabis heavily depends on nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, a trio we often refer to as NPK. Depending on the stage of development, the plant will require different proportions of these chemicals. So, during the growth stage, it will need a 3:1:1 NPK ratio. The flowering stage requires a 1:3:2 ratio, and during late flowering, you will have to put the 0:3:3 mixture into the ground.

Although the emphasis is on these three substances, cannabis benefits from other matters, as well. It needs lots of secondary and trace nutrients on top of NPK. Important secondary substances are calcium, magnesium, and sulfur, while tertiary chemicals include silicon, cobalt, manganese, iron, zinc, and boron.

Besides these nutrients, cannabis also requires oxygen and carbon dioxide, which they get from air and water. 

Top 6 Plant Foods for growing Cannabis

Here are some of the best fertilizers for the cannabis plant that you can buy on the US market:

1. Dr. Earth Organic Bud & Bloom Fertilizer

One of the best cannabis fertilizers on the market utilizes a combination of alfalfa meal, fish bone meal, soft rock phosphate, feather meal, and mined potassium sulfate. Besides these matters, it also has certain microbes that work well for the soil.

Dr. Earth Organic Bud & Bloom has an NPK proportion of 3:9:4. It is very well-rounded, and, in theory, you can use it for the different stages of cannabis growth. 

Its prices range from $5.99 (for 1lbs of product) to $89.99 (for 50lbs).

2. Future Harvest Nutrients

Future Harvest is a company that creates fertilizers exclusively for cannabis plants. They’ve been in the business for the last 20 years and have a line called “Holland Secret.” This a three-part product labeled “Bloom” (0:6:4 NPK), “Micro” (5:0:2 NPK), and “Grow” (2:1:7 NPK), each with a different NPK ratio meant to facilitate different stages of the plant’s development.

You can use Future Harvest Nutrients with any growing methods, whether it’s regular soil, hydroponics, or coco coir. The product is especially great for beginners as you don’t have to think about ratios. Once you apply the product, you likely won’t need supplemental chemicals to stimulate the plants’ growth.

The pack of 3 bottles (500ml each) costs $38.49.

3. Happy Frog Bulb Food

Happy Frog is a product made by renowned FoxFarm’s. It is a chemical that combines various organic substances like bat guano, kelp meal, and bone meal. The product has lots of mycorrhizal fungi and microbes that are very beneficial for root development. As a result, your cannabis will intake more nutritive matter and thus, grow at a rapid pace.

The product has a ratio of 3:8:8. Unlike some other products, Happy Frog utilizes humic acid as an organic chelating agent. This acid is a byproduct of decomposition, and it helps better utilize the chemicals within the product. You can use Happy Frog by layering it onto the topsoil or probing it in the roots. 

4. Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster

The product combines the major nutrients, as well as micronutrients, for stimulating cannabis’ growth. It comes in the form of powder, and it is one of the cheaper items on the list.

Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster relies on standard 1:3:2 NPK ratio, which can be used for all stages of growth. Many hydroponics growers utilize it as a cheap alternative to bottled substances. You use the chemical by dissolving one tablespoon in a gallon of water. It is suitable for any growing method.

You can find this product for $21.55. It comes in a 4lbs bucket.

5. General Hydroponics Flora

As previously mentioned Future Harvest Nutrients, General Hydroponics Flora has a product line consisting of three different chemicals. They sell “FloraGro,” (2:1:6 NPK) “FloraMicro,” (5:0:1 NPK) and “FloraBlom,” (0:5:4 NPK). You can utilize them for coco coir, hydro, or soil. 

The substance is popular among newbies and veterans. According to the company, the fertilizer is meant to work for progressive plant growth. Besides the main nutrients, each product also has a combination of secondary and micronutrients. 

You can find FloraGro for $9.99, Flora Bloom for $9.99 to $44.99, and Flora Micro for $11.49 to $55.99. They come in the packaging of a quart and 2.5 gallons.

6. Botanicare CNS17 Grow and CNS17Bloom

These products work in unison for different stages of cannabis development. Experts consider them one of the better options in terms of price quality. 

Both CNS17Grow (3:1:2 NPK ratio) are utilized during the vegetative state, helping root development while simultaneously decreasing the spacing. As a result, your cannabis plants will be healthier with stronger branches. 

During the flowering stage, a grower can switch to CNS17Bloom (2:2:3 NPK ratio). The chemical is optimal for flowering and fruiting. It has high levels of phosphorous and potassium, which are crucial for plants’ development during this period. Each product also has sulfates, trace minerals, and calcium.

Both of these products come in 1-gallon packaging. You can find CNS17Grow for a price of $32, while CNS17Bloom is $30. 

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