How to Trim Cannabis

Trimming your Marijuana Plants Having spent months fostering your cannabis plant to maturity, the next step for you to take is to harvest your cannabis plant. Part of this process involves “trimming” the plant – essentially cutting the leaves off your buds. Why do growers trim their harvested buds in the first place? One reason […]

Dulytek Review – Is it a good rosin press for making cannabis extracts?

Dulytek review How good are Dulytek rosin presses for processing cannabis products? Dulytek is a U.S-based engineering firm that designs and sells equipment for cannabis oil extraction presses and other equipment for a wide range of businesses ranging from herbal stores and breweries to experimental labs and several others. The firm develops rosin presses that […]

Buying Cannabis and Marijuana Seeds in Canada (2018)

The Cannabis Act of Canada, also known as Bill C-45, is a law that will come into effect on October 17, 2018, which will legally allow the recreational use of marijuana and cannabis all over the country and will undo the prohibition of cannabis in the country since 1923 when it was put in the list […]

The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft Review – Making Your Own Cannabis Extracts

Making Cannabis Extracts with The Source by ExtractCraft The Source Turbo is the first of its kind closed-loop vacuum, pro-sumer level, alcohol extractor machine made by a Colorado-based company called ExtractCraft. The Source Turbo is a machine that enables anyone to perform home ethanol extraction securely and effectively, utilizing any natural material from lavender, hops, […]

Benefits of Using CBD, Edibles and Extracts for IBS and Crohn’s

Cannabis Extracts and the Gut Many studies and researchers have shown that CBD and cannabis edibles can help patients with intestinal problems such as Crohn’s and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  Cannabis or Marijuana has been long known to have beneficial effects for those suffering from gut issues.   IBS and Crohn’s disease is not uncommon. […]

UV Rays and Indoor Planting

Are UV Rays Necessary for Planting Indoors? Indoor planting is popular amongst the city dwellers and those who do not have disposable space available to them. The trend of “greenteriors” is catching on and many people now prefer to grow plants for varied purposes. Indoor planting can be carried out for income generation purposes or […]

Viparspectra V1200 vs. PAR1200

The LED grow lights from Viparspectra are priced within the low to the mid-tier categories, making it a favorable company to buy from for the more cost-sensitive consumers.  With a strong 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and sleek design at its price point, Viparspectra is able to offer one of the best bangs for your buck. Things […]

HPS (HID) vs. LED Lights for Growing Marijuana

What is an HID/HPS Light? High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are a type of electrical discharge arc lamp that produces light by sending an electrical discharge between two electrodes of plasma or ionized gas. Noble gas is present in this arc tube and often encompasses appropriate metal or metal salts. What is an LED Light? A […]

Growing Organic Marijuana

Growing Organic vs. Conventional Marijuana Marijuana or popularly known as Cannabis is basically a psychoactive drug found in the Cannabis weed. They are primarily used for the medical and recreational activities. There has always been a debate on the legalization of the growth of Cannabis plant as they are amongst the most used “drugs” across […]

Where to Buy Weed Edibles in Canada

As weed and marijuana edibles in Canada continue to grow in demand, suppliers are working hard to provide cannabis end products to keep up with such growth.  More and more people want to know where to buy weed edibles as they realize that supply can sometimes be scarce.     Cannabis or Marijuana edibles are […]