Is Cannabis Safer than Alcohol and Tobacco?

For so many years, cannabis has been on the bad side of governments and groups wanting to outright ban this substance. However, as more research is being conducted on the possible effects of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, it has become clear that in fact, cannabis is 114 times safer! This debate about tobacco and alcohol […]

How does medical cannabis help with epilepsy?

Cannabis and Epilepsy (1)

The general public in the US is very interested in cannabis’ medical potential. There are a lot of ongoing studies analyzing its potential benefits and drawbacks. Among others, researchers believe that the plant can assist people struggling with epilepsy. In this article, we will talk about how medical cannabis helps epilepsy and whether you should […]

Benefits of Using CBD, Edibles and Extracts for IBS and Crohn’s

Cannabis Extracts and the Gut Many studies and researchers have shown that CBD and cannabis edibles can help patients with intestinal problems such as Crohn’s and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  Cannabis or Marijuana has been long known to have beneficial effects for those suffering from gut issues.   IBS and Crohn’s disease is not uncommon. […]

Organic vs. Conventional Marijuana for Cancer

  Is organic marijuana better than conventional cannabis to treat illnesses such as cancer?  Today in Canada, there is a growing movement of patients seeking out cannabis for the treatment of their chronic illnesses. Not surprisingly for cancer patients, sourcing organic, pesticide-free cannabis is of utmost importance. The marijuana industry historically relied on chemical fertilizers, […]

Top 5 Medical Marijuana Retail Dispensaries in Canada

Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries and Shops

So far, medical marijuana is still the only legal pot in the Canadian system.  Now that you’re eligible to purchase medical marijuana, you want to know who the top retail dispensaries are right? First of all, are you qualified to purchase medical marijuana? Who is eligible to buy marijuana from a dispensary? Currently, in Canada, […]

Marijuana vs. Alcohol

In this article, we look at a comparison between marijuana and alcohol consumption. What are the benefits and potential side effects between marijuana and alcohol?

How to Legally Grow Marijuana in Canada

What you need to know in order to be able to grow marijuana legally in Canada. Following Health Canda’s legal process is required and should be followed to ensure you are not abiding the law.