For so many years, cannabis has been on the bad side of governments and groups wanting to outright ban this substance. However, as more research is being conducted on the possible effects of tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana, it has become clear that in fact, cannabis is 114 times safer!

This debate about tobacco and alcohol vs cannabis has been on for decades. Even though it’s a known fact that drinking and smoking have been known as the root cause of so many health issues, it’s always cannabis that has received the most flak. 

Let’s look at the health effects of smoking tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis to see which one is the worst of them all. 

Beer and cigarettes – how good can they be for your body?

How Alcohol Affects the Body

A lot of people find getting drunk or high to have a similar feeling. While for most people the sensation is quite differentiating. It’s also important to take into account how much of the substance has been used. This also varies from person to person however, one thing is clear, if there are health risks, all users are exposed to them. 

Alcohol starts doing its work on your body the moment you sip your first drink. Having a drink every once in a while may be alright, but if you’re drinking on a regular basis and chugging down jars of beer, that is a cause of concern.

The cumulative effects of regular alcohol add up and may result in some serious health issues such as:

Inflammation of the Liver

The one organ responsible for clearing out all toxins and harmful substances from your body is the liver. Even though it’s able to clear alcohol from your system, in doing so, it does harm the organ. This increases the chances of your liver developing chronic liver disease and inflammation.

Damage to the Endocrine Glands

High levels of alcohol can result in an abnormal rise in the levels of digestive enzymes. These enzymes damage the pancreas, which can be a long-term condition. 

Irregular Sugar Levels

With the pancreas not able to perform properly, it won’t be able to regulate the insulin levels in your body. This results in hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia, low blood sugar or too much blood sugar respectively, leading to increased side effects of diabetes. 

Damage to the Central Nervous System

Alcohol hinders the communication links between your brain and the body. Because of this, you may have difficulty speaking properly, tingling and numbing sensation in your hands and feet. Long-term effects include memory loss and the inability to control emotions and make rational judgments. 

Heart Related Issues

Regular drinkers run the risk of heart disease and damaging their circulatory system due to high blood pressure and the weakening of the heart muscles. 

Ash of a cigarette

How Tobacco Affects the Body 

Did you know that as of right now, more than 16 million Americans are suffering from an illness due to smoking. These diseases kill 1 in every 30 people, and the ones who survive have to live with a serious condition for the rest of their lives. 

There’s no such thing as a safe tobacco product. No matter how you take it, tobacco damages your health in every way possible, which include:

Withdrawal Syndrome

Tobacco contains nicotine, the substance responsible for altering the mood, but just for a short while. Once that subsides, the body starts craving more, resulting in people becoming habitual smokers. This damages the central nervous system as the person gets irritated, suffers from anxiety and headaches, gets depressed and has difficulty sleeping. 

This withdrawal syndrome is on the same level as for alcohol. 

Lung Damage

As the smoke from the tobacco is inhaled, the substances can severely damage your lungs. Regular smokers and even those who only inhale these smokes are at risk of chronic lung diseases. Tobacco smoking can seriously damage the air sacs inside the lungs, while also damaging the entire breathing tubes. 

Cardiovascular System Disease

Believe it or not, but smoking can damage your entire cardiovascular system. When smoking tobacco, the nicotine causes the blood vessels to tighten, resulting in lesser blood flow. As they continue to get narrower due to regular smoking, it weakens the blood vessel walls, the blood pressure rises, and blood clots can form. All these add up and increase the risk of stroke. 

Prone to Infection

Tobacco smoking weakens the immune system, which can increase the risk of nail and skin infections. In fact, all areas that are touched by the smoke such as the throat, mouth, esophagus, and larynx are at risk of infections. The worst-case scenario includes cancer. 

How Cannabis Affects the Body

With cannabis however, especially medical marijuana, things are a lot different. If taken without mixing with other substances, it can be used for medicinal purposes. Medical marijuana is getting worldwide recognition. 

Even though with regular cannabis you get the high and ingesting too much of it can have negative effects on the body, with today’s medical marijuana, however, things are different!

Medical grade cannabis is greatly helping people who suffer from chronic pain. This in particular includes nerve pain and multiple sclerosis. It is a far better option than opiates. Cannabis helps in relaxing the muscles, especially helpful for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease. 

However, it’s important to note that there are side effects of cannabis. They vary from person to person but most common ones include:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in coordination 
  • Increases heart rate
  • Rising blood pressure

In Conclusion

If you look at the pros and cons of tobacco, alcohol and cannabis, you’ll see a clear distinction between the three substances in how they affect the human body. 

To answer the question, is cannabis safer than alcohol and tobacco, the answer is simply yes! 

However, it’s important that you consult your physician or medical health practitioner before taking cannabis for medicinal or even recreational purposes. This is especially important if you have any underlying or chronic conditions your doctor knows about. This way they’ll be able to guide you better

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